Every person has a need to belong to someone and something.  We were designed and placed on earth to live and thrive in community and with every community there are values. Over these last few weeks we have been spending our time at Biedler and Piccolo middle schools teaching our young men this truth. During our time together, the community phrase “Circle Up!” has emerged as a battle call for us to return back to our intended design of live in community with shared values.  With the charge “Circle Up!” came a set of values that we have called our C.A.U.S.E. – Character, Awareness, Unity, Sacrifice, and Eternity.  Our young men are quickly adapting to the rally of our C.A.U.S.E. with an innate intuition of someone and something bigger calling them together and upward.   They are embracing that we can go farther, faster and longer together as a unit and have committed to “Circle Up!” in order to do so.  Stay tuned as we venture to bring the power of our unity to the community of Garfield and Humboldt Park.