"Pan De Vida gives us a chance to help our community and meet their essential needs. We are here to help and serve in their best and worst moments."
- Norberto, Food Pantry Assistant


Pan De Vida provides hope and healing by connecting families to fresh food, community, and relationships. Every week, families can come to our location in Little Village or one of our pop up sites around the city to receive a variety of fresh produce, dry goods, meat, milk and dairy. Food is the vehicle, Beloved Community is the destination.



people fed throughout the pandemic


distribution sites across the city


In 2010, Pan De Vida was started as a way to love on neighbors in Little Village. The Mother/Daughter team Celina and Claudia faithfully worked with a team of volunteers to feed 100 families every Friday. Their love, faithfulness, and prayer has provided thousands of people with boxes of hope, filled with food. In 2020 when COVID-19 hit our communities, their faithfulness had prepared the way for a miracle! In April, Pan De Vida started feeding 400 families a week. Then, in partnership with Greater Chicago Food Depository, Pan De Vida started feeding over 6,000 families (30,000 people) per week by June 2020. These boxes of hope expanded to 7 sites across the city. We hired 12 of our young people, and empowered hundreds of volunteers, to rise to the need. In September 2020, we purchased the corner store at 2701 S. Lawndale in Little Village and it will become a full-time food distribution site. It will be a place of hope through groceries and relationships. Throughout the pandemic, Pan De Vida fed over 1.8 million people and will continue to love on our neighborhoods. Our goal is not only to provide food to families, but to build relationships and connect them to other resources.


Abelardo Colin

Director of Food Distribution Services

Alex Ramon

Food Pantry Coordinator

Carlos Rivera

Pan De Vida Assistant

Diana Franco

Food Pantry Coordinator

Juan Villegas

Pan de Vida Assistant

Maria Delgado

Community Resource Coordinator

Norbeto Reyes-Trejo

Pan de Vida Assistant

Omar Perez

Pan de Vida Assistant

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