"My family and I have been blessed to be apart of the Little Village Little League since it began in 2010. I have been able to see not only the league grow, but also see how through the baseball program how my children have grown. I have seen, especially in my youngest son, how baseball has helped build his confidence and social development. We love being apart of the Little Village Little League family!"
- Iliana Roman


Little Village Little League launched in 2010 at Piotrowski Park to provide safe spaces and high-quality baseball programs for young people in Little Village. We started with 50 kids and have grown to over 300 kids playing baseball, year-round training, and a strong partnership with the Chicago Cubs.

Little Village Summer Softball is a violence intervention program for young people and adults in Little Village. There are over 20 teams playing 16 inch softball, and every team is required to have 5 players 19 and under on the field. Every night is full of softball, kids activities, grilling, and more! Little Village Summer Softball was a global finalist for Beyond Sports Most Courageous Use Of Sport.



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These programs are about more than just the sport. It’s about providing a coach to walk with youth people, it’s about improving public spaces, and it’s about fun! Together with Chicago Cubs, we have invested more than $750,000 in the infrastructure of our local parks in the past 10 years alone! Piotrowski Park has a strong history of youth baseball and New Life Centers continues to provide high quality baseball, softball, and community building for the families in Little Village! For many of our players, this league is a safe space to play, connect with others, and build community. The goal of the league is Playing for Peace. We have multiple nights of softball in different parts of the community. At the end of the year, we come together for the Crosstown Classic, brining young people together across boundaries to build peace.

Little Village Little League: April - July, 6 PM - 9 PM

Little Village Summer Softball: June - September, Wednesdays & Thursdays 6 PM - 9 PM

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Matt DeMateo

Chief Executive Officer