"You guys do an amazing job!!!! In support, comfort, love, respect, everything!! There are no words to explain the hard work you guys do with the families. I don’t have the words to ever thank you guys for the amazing job in everything you do!!!"
- Toledo family


Resilience is found together. The resiliency services team is composed of two departments: victim advocacy and case management. Victim advocates walk with families and individuals directly affected by violence. They attend to the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being of victims on their journey towards healing. Case managers work with participants to achieve their employment, educational, and housing goals. They provide connections to community resources, intense engagement, advocacy, and mentorship.



individuals receiving case management & victim services


Resiliency Services works alongside the Outreach team to provide comprehensive wraparound services for currently engaged participants, their families, and the communities of Little Village, Pilsen, and Brighton Park. When a violent incident happens in the neighborhood the victim advocate communicates with the Outreach team and responds to the scene, hospital, or home to make a direct, personal connection. They then assist the victim or family with applying for emergency funds and crime compensation, connection to counseling, court accompaniment, and assistance with additional immediate needs. In the event of a tragedy, they assist with planning funerals, connecting to grief groups, and working with Outreach to support those directly impacted by the violence. Participants facing employment, educational, or housing barriers are referred for case management services. Resiliency Services believes that every participant has the potential to overcome these barriers. This is done by setting intentional goals, providing connections to resources, following up with service providers, engaging the participant’s family, and preparing participants for next steps. Case managers work with youth referred by the Outreach team and outside partners.


Cynthia Leal

Victim Advocate

David Alvarez

Director of Resiliency Services

Dexter Peterson

Case Manager

Manny Sifuentes

Case Manager

Olivia Rodriguez

Victim Advocate

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