“I am thankful for the Hope Squad. It really helped to talk to people who understand. It helped me get through my time better. It helped us learn different ways to think, opened our minds."
- Program Participant


Our Juvenile Justice focused program serves young people who are incarcerated at the Illinois Youth Corrections facilities in Chicago, St. Charles, and Warrenville. We provide restorative justice programming facilitated by a variety of community partners, conflict mediation, and reentry services.



youth in the United States are confined in facilities away from home as a result of juvenile justice or criminal justice involvement


program participants


“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison…” Hebrews 13:3 New Life Centers is called to be a light in one of our country’s darkest places, juvenile prison facilities. We seek to create a restorative justice culture at the facilities – a culture that develops community and manages conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships, bringing together the concept of restoration and the definition of justice. We provide restorative justice programming, facilitated by a variety of community partners, and conflict mediation services. Programming ranges from peace circles to art and theater classes to barber workshops. We provide programming that allows youth to engage with positive adults, gain skills and earn good time for their participation. We also provide free transportation for parents for family visits. In addition to improving relationships among peers and facility administration to promote peace and positive decision-making, programs introduce young people to positive community adults who believe in second chances and rehabilitation. As we work with young people during their temporary stay, we continue building relationships by helping to prepare young people for reentry back into their community.


Amy Williams

Project Coordinator – IYC St. Charles

DeRay Latham

IYC Juvenile Justice Reentry Mentor

Jorge Roque

Senior Director of Restorative Justice

Tiffany Johnson

IYC Juvenile Justice Reentry Mentor