"Arise Creations is the best 'job' to learn about business and God. What I have been learning about God is he is someone you shouldn’t be afraid of. One common things is that people slowly get distant because of bad things that happen, but he does it for a reason. These conversations have impacted me by getting closer to him and understanding he does things for a reason and they will become better.”
- Danisa


Arise is a social enterprise for teens on the west side of Chicago. We function as a creative jewelry business that also provides mentorship in entrepreneurial and life skills to each participant. Through the Arise program youth participants earn an educational stipend, teaching the value of their time and skills. Every piece is handcrafted by the youth participants and has a biblical inspiration. The youth explore God’s truth as they learn the message behind each piece and gain leadership skills. A typical class looks like relationship building, reflection time, a lesson on Jesus or entrepreneurial skills and time to learn and create the jewelry sold.

Arise youth are also trained in sales at vendor events and conferences, gaining confidence and ownership of the skills they’ve gained. A fun way to get to know us and support our work is to host a virtual “Party with a Purpose.” During the party we play games, present our jewelry, guests get a discount and we offer the chance to win some prizes. Go to arisecreations.org/parties to learn more and sign up.



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Arise Urban Hope pieces are wire wrapped glass from shattered bus stop shelters from throughout Chicago. The idea was sparked when the shattered glass at a bus stop caught the eye of a staff member. The shimmering glass was beautiful and showed that beauty can be found in broken things. We decided to repurpose the glass making it into stunning jewelry! Urban Hope is our signature piece, inspired by 1 Peter 5:10 & represents God’s transformative work in each of us, giving us new purpose despite our pasts. Arise participants also create other designs that each share a message from the Bible.

Cohort A: Monday & Wednesdays 4-6 pm

Cohort B: Monday & Wednesday, 6-8pm



McKayla Bane

Program Manager Arise Creations & Gems