In a day full of joy and laughter, more than 40 children and their families enjoyed a fun morning at the Little Village-Pulaski migrant shelter. 

The activity consisted of a storybook reading titled “Gregorina in Chicago”, written and illustrated by Milagros Wallace. She is a writer of Venezuelan origin who has lived in Chicago for thirty years and is an expert in children’s literature. The purpose of the event was to promote children’s reading and reduce emotional stress after a long journey to Chicago. 

The exciting adventure of “Gregorina in Chicago” describes the many challenges the writer faced thirty years ago, like adapting to a new culture, learning a new language and traditions, and adapting to unpredictable seasons like the bitter winter. During the event, the writer shared her life story with the families through questions and answers. She dramatized some chapters of the story book “Gregorina” and gave autographed books to every child who participated. 

This storybook offers a variety of scenarios about life in Chicago and is an enjoyable read. It helps start conversations with children about sudden changes like experiencing a new culture, nature, and how these factors affect people.  

 About the Writer:  Milagros Wallace was born on November 23, 1967, in Cumaná, Venezuela. She started her education career as a student at the University of Carabobo in Venezuela. In the early nineties, she got married and moved to the city of Chicago, where she continued her studies and obtained several postgraduate and master’s degrees. Wallace currently works as a Bilingual Special Education teacher and ventured into bilingual children’s literature writing 5 years ago. She has written five children’s literature books. In addition to her passion for literature, Milagros enjoys spending time with family and sharing her experiences with other Venezuelan nationals.