Well friends, we are in a new week! We hope that you take time this week to enjoy life and those things that bring peace and hope to you! For New Life Centers, even though we can’t be in person, we are using this time for connection and relationships with youth and their families through other ways – because that never stops! Now more than ever we need each other.

Our La Semilla program, has recently added two instructors to the team which has been a huge blessing! The team is working together to bring online tutoring to the students. Each instructor has students assigned to them for one-on-one tutoring. They also make it fun and have group tutoring too! The youth love interacting with each other during this time. Before every tutoring session, the instructor offers to pray with the youth, plays a game, and then hits the homework! The team has seen the strengthening of relationships with the parents take place. The parents have expressed gratitude as they see firsthand how dedicated the team is to intentionally and creatively care for their children. Many of the youth have shared that they haven’t spoken with anyone outside of their family since the shelter-in-place order has happened. They are grateful for the help, and even more grateful for this time of connection. We look forward to the day where we can reunite in person! Until then, the La Semilla team is in it for the long haul – providing help, support, and care for the youth and their families however we can.

Would you keep our team in prayer? Many of the youth’s parents are essential workers who face exposure to COVID-19 through their jobs. It has been hard on the youth as they have shared with us about the restlessness they feel in this time. Many of them miss their friends and want to get back into their routines. Please also pray for the new members of our team, as they continue to build relationships.

We don’t know how long this will last, but we are grateful for times like these of connection with our community of youth and families. Just as these young people are longing for connection, we acknowledge…we all are. This week text or call a friend, teacher, coworker, or relative. See how they’re doing. There is power in relationships, and when the city becomes alive again and we all come out of this – our relationships can be stronger and healthier as we move forward!