March 2021

March 2020

#HERStory – Why Mentoring?

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Walking life on life with people is at the very heart of transformation! Mentoring relationships is one of the most meaningful ways we get to be part of lives being transformed, with 337 young people receiving mentoring services through New Life Centers last year. While things have changed to online mentoring for now, the important […]

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Bringing the City Together Through Baseball

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There’s a buzz on Friday nights at UIC.  Groups from across the city make their way to the Curtis Granderson Indoor Turf Field for the Winter Baseball Clinic put on by New Life Centers, Little Village Little League, Chicago Westside Baseball, and CBEA!  80-100 kids come each week and we have three rules:

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February 2020

Growing and Thriving at the Vine

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The Vine has been creatively providing safe and meaningful space for young people to learn, play, and grow in Humboldt Park.

One of our favorite parts is walking with young people for many years, getting to know each story and watch each young person grow. Sometimes it isn’t until a young person is in Middle School […]

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January 2020

School Doors Opening For NLC Mentors

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Partner schools have opened their doors for Centers staff to continue in-school mentoring this year. We are currently working in 3 schools: Gary Elementary, Eli Whitney Elementary and Brian Piccolo Elementary. Keep reading to see what God is doing at each location!

Gary Elementary

At first, the students at Gary showed reluctance to share, open up and […]

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November 2019

Running Forward Runs Little Village

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Running Forward is a group for young men and women who are striving to meet their goals on and off the track. They meet 2-3 times a week to train together and empower one another.

This year, Running Forward has had 10 young men regularly running together. Ru

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October 2019

Hoops In the Hood Uniting Neighborhoods

By |2019-10-08T19:19:23-05:00October 4th, 2019|Mentoring, Little Village, Little Village Basketball, Location, Programs, Partnerships, Uncategorized|

“Hoops in the Hood is a sports-based, community safety initiative that creates safe spaces for youth to interact and build positive relationships with peers and caring adults while making visible use of public spaces and fostering a sense of community.” This year, more than 400 young people participated at the city wide basketball tournament that […]

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September 2019

Volunteer Mentors Learning About Trauma-Informed Mentoring

By |2019-09-30T16:18:41-05:00September 30th, 2019|New Life Works Multisite, Mentoring, Volunteer Mentoring, Programs, Partnerships, Uncategorized|

All of the NLC volunteer mentors from Midway, Little Village and Humboldt Park gathered together for dinner and a trauma training. The goal of the training, which was led by one of our RJ Hubs partners from Adler University, was to help the mentors effectively care for and walk alongside their mentees who may be […]

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Learning More About God in the Woods

By |2020-02-24T19:49:07-06:00September 20th, 2019|Summer Camp, Uncategorized|

This was the third year we were able to take The Vine students to Pine Trail Camp in Saugatuck, MI.  It’s a 3-day event that the kids look forward to all year. Throughout our time there, the students were encouraged to try every activity we planned which were swimming, kayaking, ziplining, hiking and racing up […]

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