Benny Estrada, Director of Street Outreach, was invited to throw the first inning pitch at a Cubs game in Wrigley Field on September 10th. A beautiful tribute video was played to honor his hard work before the game. In the video, Benny shares why he has dedicated decades of his life to love and mentor young people in Little Village. He also emphasizes the importance of raising next-generation leaders.

“I don’t have a Ph.D., I don’t have a Masters, but love my neighborhood and I love what I do. I don’t think you need all that to serve the neighborhood effectively. I see a lot of young people in the neighborhood and I see myself in them. I know the importance of having a mentor in my life and its effects on me. So I am just trying to pay that back”, said Benny Estrada.

Family and friends accompanied Benny to the game and many describe him as an amazing dad, coach, and mentor.

Watch the full video here!