• Mark Interviews Matt DeMateo of New Life Centers (Interview on Let’s Talk, 2016)
  • In 2012 & 2013, ULS was asked by Cook County Juvenile Probation to train other Chicago churches on how to implement a gang intervention mentoring program
  • In January 2012, ULS was featured in PA Professional, a national Physician Assistant magazine for the work we do with our girls program
  • In 2011, Art Guerrero, a dedicated ULS mentor and lead court advocate, was featured in the award winning documentary, “The Interrupters”
  • In 2011, ULS was featured in the Chicago Sun Times as a program that is continuing the fight against violence despite budget cuts
  • In 2011, ULS was selected as the lead Reentry Program Organization in Little Village for the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative by IVPA (Illinois Violence Prevention Authority) to work with youth on parole.
  • In 2010, ULS was contracted by Chicago Public Schools to provide mentoring to Farragut High School Students through the Culture of Calm Program
  • In 2009, ULS was featured in the Casey Foundation’s CONNECTS policy issue and commended the program for its work among gang involved youth
  • Since 2009, ULS has been invited to lead workshops on gang intervention mentoring by CCDA, JDAI, and other cities across the country
  • In 2009, ULS was featured during ABC 7 Chicago News’ Stopping the Violence segment as an important piece in the city wide anti-violence efforts
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