Running Forward is a group for young men and women who are striving to meet their goals on and off the track. They meet 2-3 times a week to train together and empower one another.

This year, Running Forward has had 10 young men regularly running together. Ru nning Forward Director, Epi Diaz, has been encouraged to see the young runners take initiative in training and encouraging one another.
“One of my favorite things that I’ve witness was that youth took up the challenge to run across the bridge by the neighborhood… some did it one week, and took up the challenge to do it again the very next week. I like to see that kids create their own challenges out there and face them.”

Our hope for Running Forward is that young men and women can utilize running as a tool to combat stress. We are also hoping that Running Forward can become a charity-partner for the Bank of America Marathon next year.

Epi and three of the young men are currently training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this Saturday, November 9! To support them as they run, click here to sponsor a mile and help us reveal their picture.

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