We recently hosted a group of leaders from the southern border who toured our various locations to see the work first-hand. We ended with a forum in partnership with other local organizations that have been addressing an immigration crisis since 2022. 

This exchange was promoted by The National Dignity for Families Fund, to help members learn and understand the experience of local organizations and how they have been contributing. The activity also aims to strengthen alliances between these leaders as families continue to arrive to Chicago from the southern border. 

“The spirit of loving community shines through the work of New Life Centers and inspires usto continue working together. Today, New Life Centers offered us a look at their daily work at a very practical level: from providing shelter in a safe place, to making community commitments and delivering fresh food to their neighbors,” said Aryah Somers Landsberger, philanthropic advisor for the National Dignity Fund for Families (DFF).

Somers added she couldn’t think of a better place than New Life Centers as a partner to carry out this exchange between organizations.  

“Your work of loving the community and addressing the needs of other vulnerable groups should inspire us to support these efforts,” Aryah concluded.