We are so happy to be back in our buildings as most of our staff took a two-week break over the holidays. However, due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, we have asked office personnel to work from home as much as possible to prevent the spread. We have also asked mentors who work closely with youth, to find creative ways to cultivate relationships while hanging out in smaller groups. Please pray for our team as we navigate serving during this new COVID-19 surge.

Our Humboldt Park location opened its doors from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM to CPS students and parents while classes have been canceled since last week. Some students spent time playing sports, socializing with other peers and even practicing their musical talents! The proper sanitary protocols were taken to keep them safe from the virus and provide a safe space.

On Monday morning, New Life Centers along with other community stakeholders, held a press conference to call on CTU and CPS to come to an agreement about student learning.

Students have been the most affected during this time as they have been left with no option of going to class remotely or in person. Later that evening, we learned that CPS students will be returning to in-person instruction as soon as Wednesday. Please join us as we pray for continued resources in schools to help keep them safe from this virus. We also pray they are able to focus on their learning in the midst of loss and constant changes.