This was the third year we were able to take The Vine students to Pine Trail Camp in Saugatuck, MI.  It’s a 3-day event that the kids look forward to all year. Throughout our time there, the students were encouraged to try every activity we planned which were swimming, kayaking, ziplining, hiking and racing up a huge sand dune. The most challenging activity was the ziplining but the students faced their fears and took literal leaps of faith off the zipline. Each of them walked away proud of their accomplishment.

During the chapel time, NLC staff members taught about God’s healing, love, forgiveness and call on our lives, and how He has that same call on the students’ lives. One evening we asked the students to write down on a piece of paper any negative things that they believed about themselves and one by one they threw them into the fire and proclaimed the truth of God over their lives. We pray that moments like these are ones that our students will cling to as they enter into a new year.

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