There’s a buzz on Friday nights at UIC.  Groups from across the city make their way to the Curtis Granderson Indoor Turf Field for the Winter Baseball Clinic put on by New Life Centers, Little Village Little League, Chicago Westside Baseball, and CBEA!  80-100 kids come each week and we have three rules:

1. Have fun,
2. Work hard, and
3. Meet someone new.

The young people then get to warm up and stretch with UIC players and neighborhood coaches and spend the evening at skills stations including base-running, stretching, hitting, ground balls, pop flies, and pitching.  We have young people who have never put on a mitt as well as others who are sharpening their skills.

It’s beautiful to see neighborhoods that historically are separate coming together and young people meeting each other for the first time.  There is a lot of laughter, play, skill building, and community building…all through the game of baseball.  This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership with groups across the city and we will build on this for the future.

If you would like to get involved through coaching, volunteering, or giving, let us know!