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Project Description

After-School and Summer Education

The Vine was the brainchild of the children of Humboldt Park. When the original computer lab launched in 2006, it soon began overflowing with children looking for a safe after-school space. Their mantra: “What are we going to do in the summer?” The Vine was our answer, and it has grown in popularity among both children and parents since that time.

Since the launch of that original summer program, The Vine has grown to serve 150 children ages 5-14 with holistic educational activities, both in summer and after-school. Based on a nationally-utilized curriculum and taught by certified educators, The Vine mixes best practices in education with a healthy dose of fun and a wealth of love. Each day, Monday through Friday, after-school or summer, children are welcomed by their devoted teachers and eager volunteers. Children receive healthy snacks, nutrition training, technology access, recreational activities, faith-based mentoring, and, of course, lots of homework help and tutoring.  Specials such as dance, music, cooking, and culture club add extra excitement.

Latest Updates

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Jasmine Aguiar

Sports-Based Mentor - Urban Life Skills & The Vine

Jessica Quigley

Site Director - Humboldt Park - The Vine After-School Program