Jr. CrossOver Outing

A child’s middle school years are crucial years of development and decision making. During these formative years, their minds and bodies begin to change and they gain independence and responsibility to make their own decisions. For several years, New Life Centers met their need for discipleship, mentoring, and coaching through a combination of programs. But over these last few years, the need for something more became clear.

As a team, we started praying for an opportunity to consistently reach deep into these students lives in order to build deep, impactful relationships that would point our middle schoolers to Christ and allow us to speak His truth into their lives during these critical years.

This January, God answered our prayers by providing us with a grant to kickstart a new program and by raising up Joseph Cruz to take the lead in this new, 5-day a week program combining sports and tutoring to teach our middle school students to live out Christ-like lives! This program provides the consistency that they crave, the mentoring and relationships from positive role models that they desperately need, and the physical activities and academic enrichment during a time when they struggle with completing their homework.

After months of praying, listening to our students and parents, and planning, we kicked off our Middle School program for girls and boys in January!

Would you consider giving a gift today to help this new program to be a success? Your one time or recurring gift will make this new program excellent and sustainable. We’d love to see this program sustained beyond the grant kickstart we received and expand to reach even more students with more mentors, volunteers, coaches, and resources.

Give Today and choose “Bethel Family Programs” with a note of “Middle School” to help us sustain this program! Thank you!