This month we lost a friend and classmate. Although she wasn’t a program participant at The Vine, she was known and loved by many in our community and at the Chicago Public School that we partner heavily within the Humboldt Park Community. Jaslyn Adams was only seven years old and her life was cut short by the brokenness and violence that is present in our lives every day. The week following her death, many of our students and their parents needed time to process this deep loss.

The staff at New Life Centers created intentional space each day and then also informally throughout the day for the students to ask questions, share anything and everything on their hearts, and support them through this tragic loss.

Amidst the pain, beauty was born. As the students processed and mourned, one family brought a poster in for everyone to write notes of sympathy. It was a small gesture but brought so much meaning to the week. The poster and balloons were then brought to a balloon release in memory of Jaslyn. Community members shared about her life, prayers were said, and a call to action was given to grow as a community together through this loss.

Please join us as we continue to pray for healing in our community and for sweet Jaslyn’s family.