We look around at our city. There is a quietness we may have never experienced before. We wait in our houses for this to sweep over. These past weeks it has been far from quiet though. There have been many spurred to action to provide hope to those around us. Among the many, we are thankful that Jessica Quigley and the team at Humboldt Park can continue being an encouragement to the children and their families in this community. We asked her a few questions: 

What is God doing in your program, the Vine?

God has been building and deepening relationships between The Vine staff and the parents of the youth who attend the program. During the stay at home order, the staff have been reaching out to parents to see what supports and encouragement they need during this time. They have been praying for and with them. Some parents have expressed needs and we have been able to connect them to the resources they need through God’s provision. Other parents have been encouraging the staff just as much if not more! They share how they are seeing God work in their lives and are asking how they can help as well!

What is an encouraging story that happened recently?

One of The Vine middle school girls has been building trust again. About a year ago she was struggling with depression and anxiety and had experimented with self-harm. The staff had to report this to the parent which hurt the relationship with the youth. Over the last year, the staff have continued to be a constant presence in her life while God helped her learn how to trust again. This past month she has been intentionally seeking out time to talk with staff, laugh with them, and share how she is doing in honest and open ways. It has been beautiful to see how God remains faithful while we wait for him to continue to work, refine, and care for us in ways that only He can.

What would you say to those reading this?

These are very different times for most of us as our rhythms and routines are completely disrupted. Yet, this does not surprise God. He knew this was going to happen and He has a plan for all of it that will ultimately bring glory to His kingdom purposes. I’m reminded that what we are going through is not new. Throughout the Bible and history, people have encountered much worse. God has called them to wait, to hope, and to worship him through it all. Time and time again, he has proven himself faithful and he will do so again!

In the middle of these uncertain times, we are encouraged by stories of hope and community. What is your story of hope in the middle of this season?