24 hours at New Life Centers

Dear Beloved Community,

As I was reflecting on the day I was so grateful for all the things that God has provided and all the amazing things that our team does each day. I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of the last 24 hours at New Life Centers. Life is full but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • 22 youth head to a Bulls game
  • 50 youth play in 9th-10th grade basketball league
  • Over 60 youth at after school program
  • Our girls visit a bookstore to learn about leadership
  • Completion of our annual financial audit ensuring we manage resources with utmost integrity
  • Social entrepreneurship training
  • Multiple teams play in our neighborhood basketball playoffs
  • Youth head to the gym to lift weights
  • Multiple one on one mentoring sessions
  • 15 coaches come together to plan this years Little Village Little League
  • Basketball training and apprenticeships for multiple youth
  • Meetings with funders and neighborhood networks
  • Leadership development and training as we grow and build neighborhood leaders and capacity
  • Grant budgets submitted
  • Strategy and development of a citywide violence prevention effort
  • Data team working on tracking our outputs and outcomes
  • Multiple meetings around strategy and growth as an agency
  • Lots of memes sent between staff to keep us laughing and encouraging each other
  • Deep conversations about the challenges we are facing
  • Street intervention with a situation one of our youth is facing
  • Late night emails to keep up with the tasks at hand
  • Prayer and thanksgiving for all that God has done and is going to do
  • A quick update on social media to tell the stories

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Love you all.


Give, Pray, and Get Involved

Matt DeMateo
Executive Director
New Life Centers

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