Basketball Apprenticeship Program Open Gym has been a staple at the Humboldt Park location for generations. CrossOver expands that tradition of open play basketball, incorporating greater elements of mentoring, career preparation, and life skills training for participating apprentices. The program envisions each participant crossing over from adolescence to adulthood, successfully finding a life full of [...]

The Vine



After-School and Summer Education The Vine was the brainchild of the children of Humboldt Park. When the original computer lab launched in 2006, it soon began overflowing with children looking for a safe after-school space. Their mantra: “What are we going to do in the summer?” The Vine was our answer, and it has [...]

Arise Creations



Born in 2009 in Chicago's westside neighborhood Humboldt Park, Arise is a youth fueled, creative business that seeks to empower, encourage, and educate youth through the vehicle of entrepreneurship and discipleship. Every piece is handmade on the westside by Chicago youth!   Visit our Etsy Shop [...]