Each spring a team from Iowa Lakes Community College volunteers at New Life Centers during their spring break. They come to serve and learn from the neighbors who live in the Humboldt Park community as they sacrificially give of their time, money, and energy. This year the team jumped right in, building genuine and honest relationships with the students that were full of joy and Jesus’ presence. They didn’t pretend to know everything about “the hood” but humbly lived life on life with the children as they shared their lives, stories, and love with them. We look forward to them each year not only because they are a huge help and answer to prayer when many of our weekly volunteers go on spring break but more so because of the encouragement and friendships they bring! Some come back year after year and it feels like they never left. We value and love our teams. They are family here. It’s just another beautiful example of the body of Christ around the world.

Enough from us, let’s hear from them:

What was a moment you treasured from your time at New Life Centers? 

“One of my best moments was when I helped a child finish their homework. I loved seeing her succeed in life through this one moment. I also loved how similar my background was to a lot of the children here at The Vine. Sharing my love with someone also was a great moment.” -Sabrina

“One of my favorite parts of this week was when the 3rd-5th grade group was learning how to double dutch. I also enjoyed learning how to communicate with kids” -Tanner

“One of the best memories was being in the classroom because I got to see the children and learn something new everyday. Each child is a special gift from God.” -Danielle

“My experience during this week in the homework room was amazing. I loved seeing the children grow in their learning. I’m so glad I got to help them succeed in their education and grow closer with them. I learned so much from them and I thank God that he brought me here to serve them.” -Sara

Why did you enjoy serving at New Life Centers? 

“I enjoyed serving at New Life Centers because I got to spend quality time with all of the kids” -Tanner

“It was amazing to see how as I poured into the students’ lives, they, in turn, poured into mine.”

“I loved seeing all the little kids trying so hard to learn and do their homework” -Cayli

“The kids taught me so much it is was really cool to build relationships with them.” -Luke

“This is my second year and I was excited to be able to return. As a teacher, I found the work done here so inspiring. New Life’s work impacts students far beyond homework help and a place to watch kids after school. The staff here fill up the students with love and guidance. The social-emotional and spiritual needs that are met here by the staff are the ones needed the most. Every staff member, Jessica, Jeremy, and Ross, have taught and shown me what it means to be truly passionate about your job and the work you do. I hope every year I am able to learn even more. Thank you for all this center has given me.” -Stephanie

“I’ve really enjoyed learning the different cultures here and life in the big city for the kids compared to my small town life.” -Randy

“For me, working with the kids was very enjoyable. Learning about the kids was a great experience.” -Robert

Are you interested in bringing a team to New Life Centers? Email info@nullnewlifecenters.org or contact one of the program directors: https://newlifecenters.org/contact/