(This story was written by our kindergarten and first graders as a group. They showed great collaboration and creativity while creating this story. Please enjoy the imaginations of our youngest students!)

Once upon a time there was a GREAT BIG green frog. He was filthy because he lived in a swamp. He ate a bunch of flies and said, “Yummy!” Then he blew up like a balloon and got bigger and bigger and started to float away. He floated up into space. He jumped on the moon. He jumped everywhere. After he jumped on the moon, he saw God. God said, “You’re too big.” And he turned him back to small.

The frog didn’t know where to go. He flipped off the moon and fell back to the earth. He splashed into the pond. He missed the moon, so he started jumping and jumping and jumping. He made it back to the moon! He cried because he was so happy to be back on the moon. Then he saw God again. The frog jumped for joy because God is our Father and he protects us.

The moon exploded. While the moon was exploding, the frog found an alien, and got into the spaceship. He flew to Mars and had a party with the Mars’ aliens. Mars is his new home and he lives happily ever after.


The Jumping Frog