Summer Camp


New Life Centers’ educational after-school and summer programs serve the children and families of Little Village and Humboldt Park. Many children in the neighborhood encounter language barriers, gang pressure and a poor educational system. We provide a safe place for students to learn and grow holistically, where confidence is developed and the opportunity for success is nurtured. The students participate in a variety of activities such as sports, cooking classes, homework assistance, Bible lessons, and more.



Open Gym has been a staple at the Humboldt Park location for generations. CrossOver expands that tradition of open play basketball, incorporating greater elements of mentoring, career preparation, and life skills training for participating apprentices.

The Vine


The Vine was the brainchild of the children of Humboldt Park. When the original computer lab launched in 2006, it soon began overflowing with children looking for a safe after-school space. Their mantra: “What are we going to do in the summer?” The Vine was our answer, and it has grown in popularity among both children and parents since that time.

Arise Creations


Arise Creations started in 2009 as a program called B.L.I.N.G. (Bringing up leaders in the next generation). It all began with the birth of our signature piece, the Urban Hope collection. The pendant is a wire-wrapped piece of glass from shattered bus stop shelters that have been destroyed by gun violence throughout the [...]

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