Our End of the Summer Family Celebration at the Humboldt Park location was a beautiful time together watching the church family come alongside the community and breathe life into new relationships. God’s glory was celebrated through the children’s poetry, their rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, and some extremely talented bopping. It brought tears of joy to many faces as we prayed for our New Life Center’s site director Nikki Finklea and commissioned her out on a four month sabbatical of refreshment and restoration. Numerous families made commitments to start coming to church because they were overwhelmed by the church family’s care of children. One mother decided to try to start bringing her family to church because she realized that change in her family needed to begin with her. She said it beautifully when she stated, “It starts with me.” So we would like to challenge you also. Will you be the change in your community? Will you let change start with you? Will you help us change our community for God’s glory too?

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