Youth in the mentoring program at Piccolo Elementary explored different career paths by filling out a career cluster survey. Prior to this activity, they were all certain on what they would be when they grow up. Some wanted to be professional athletes or dancers and one in particular wanted to be a professional gamer. Demarion Russell is a mastermind at Fortnite. He spends almost 7 hours a night trying to perfect this craft. He was set on his life goals but after taking the survey, his career results said he would be good with his hands. Doing jobs like construction, a mechanic etc. He was furious and did not want to listen. When mentors asked him did he like cars and doing things outside he thought about it and realized that he did. While he was still not very happy with his outcome, most of the class were not bothered by the results and some felt like theirs aligned with that they wanted to do. We ended this activity by letting the youth know that the survey wasn’t saying that they could not pursue their dreams outside of their results, nor do they have to pursue any of those careers but it is important to always have options.