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October 2014

CrossOver: Preparing Young People for the “Next Season” of Basketball and Life

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CrossOver is an apprenticeship program that teaches young men not only basketball skills but also crucial life skills through mentoring and biblical life on life discipleship. This year CrossOver celebrates 5 years! During this time we have worked with hundreds of Chicago’s youth to develop their basketball skills and […]

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September 2014

Summer of Fun, Learning & Love

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Park Day
We had three amazing summer camps this summer at our Humboldt Park and two Little Village locations! Each summer New Life Centers offers fifteen weeks of summer camp between these locations for our kindergarten through 8th grade students. Our students and their communities were challenged in […]

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July 2014

The Cat and The Baby

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This is a story written by a 3rd grader at New Life Centers about a YouTube video he watched. He also drew and added his own picture. The Cat and The Baby

The Cat and the Baby love to play. […]

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Batman is my favorite super hero. He fights Joker. He also fights Penguin. Batman fights Joker in the park and he fights Penguin in the sewer.

By Sebastian (3rd Grade) Batman

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How Miss Anna is the Best

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An interview conducted by one of our 3rd grade students


Miss Anna she is the best partner ever and she plays basketball.  Her favorite color is blue and her favorite thing at  school  is  history. Her eye color is blue. Her favorite thing at home is ice cream.

By Diana (3rd Grade)

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Letters to the Alderman

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Park Day at Beilfuss Park Park Day at Beilfuss Park

Our students visit Beilfuss Park every Wednesday as part of our summer camp program. We love this park and have had many fun memories there. However, our students have noticed that there is no water fountain and […]

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The Jumping Frog

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(This story was written by our kindergarten and first graders as a group. They showed great collaboration and creativity while creating this story. Please enjoy the imaginations of our youngest students!)

Once upon a time there was a GREAT BIG green frog. He was filthy because he lived in a swamp. He ate a bunch of […]

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June 2014

Summer Camp Bloggers

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This summer our students will be writing and posting their thoughts, opinions, and research on summer camp, New Life, their community, and their world. Please stay tuned for new stories soon!

Ms. Jessica

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