At Arise Creations, we are reviewing the Rooted lesson series which was the inspiration for the ROOTED Genuine Leather Tassel Keychain. This piece reminds both students and customers to be deeply rooted in Christ and His Word. We will continue to build on the theme of being rooted as we transition into what it looks like to faithfully walk with Christ through the highs and lows of life. Each lesson series that is taught directly connects to the jewelry pieces that we create. This semester we will be expanding the Rooted jewelry line by adding a necklace and earrings to the tassel keychain!

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Arise has had some exciting events happen this month! Early in the month we had a booth at the New Life Community Church Spanish Women’s Retreat and the Moody Mission Conference. On October 19th we are having a professional photoshoot of our products, where our high school youth will be modeling our Arise Jewelry pieces.  We have the pleasure of partnering with the retail store, Altar’d State, for the attire featured in the shoot!