New Life Centers is raising up powerful young women to be the future leaders of our community. We’ve taken to heart that walking alongside the girls in our community can change the direction of our youth.  Arise is a youth-fueled, creative business that seeks to empower, encourage and educate youth through the vehicles of entrepreneurship and discipleship.  Our hope is to see the youth achieve these goals through creating and selling handmade jewelry.

Our signature piece which is called Urban Hope, is a creation of broken glass wrapped in wire. The inspiration behind this piece came about when a New Life Centers employee was waiting at a bus stop that had recently been shot out due to gang activity in the community and they overheard a young girl comment that the broken glass looked like gemstones.  What was broken, suddenly was found beautiful and of great value. The girls in Arise carefully wrap each piece of glass as a reminder that God is taking each of us in our brokenness and sin and re-purposing us into something new.

Through making and selling handmade jewelry, each one of the youth that enter the program learn, create and sell their pieces, equipping them with job skills while giving them a safe space to express themselves and grow. Each day these young women are being empowered to be agents of change in their own community.